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Occupational safety and health: A policy position paper of the ASEAN Confederation of Employers


As part of the employers’ component of the ASEAN Triangle project, an Action Plan to fully engaging employers’ organizations in ASEAN processes was developed with the ASEAN Confederation of Employers (ACE.) Five priority areas namely: skills matching and mobility, occupational safety and health, hiring of migrant workers, elimination of forced labour and human trafficking, and non-discrimination in the workplace were identified. Regional meetings, training, policy and research work in each of these areas (with non-discrimination to follow in early 2016) were undertaken to strengthen the voice of employers in national and regional level policy discussions. These publications are the ACE policy position papers on four of the priority areas that were drafted, discussed and adapted as a result of regional meetings and workshops and later adopted by ACE.

Year : 2015

Region : ASEAN

Country :

Type of resource : Policy Papers

Theme : Occupational safety and health , Labour migration, mobility